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Benefits of Dental Implants

The periodontist, oral surgeon or a general dentist who knows about implants surgery can perform placement and restoration of dental implants. The single tooth replacement type of dental implants is a process whereby a custom-made crown fabricated by the dental laboratory to match existing teeth. The fixed multiple tooth replacement works in the same way as single tooth replacement, but this one takes care of replacing multiple teeth. Those who have lost a minimum of four teeth the upper or lower jaw are taken through removable implant-supported tooth replacement dental implants. The following are reasons why you should go for dental implants.

Your bones and gums are lost when you lose your teeth, but dental implants preserve the bones and gums. The bone needs to be stimulated to maintain its original form and density. Your bone will be protected from being lost by dental implants because they fused to the bone and stabilize it. Dental implants protect the bone by preventing reabsorption so that the ball remains connected to the teeth.

Dental implants will prevent the teeth from shifting. The teeth shift out of place because of the growth of bacteria that cause periodontal diseases and weaken the soft tissues and gums. The missing teeth and leaves enough space for other teeth to shift; hence, this space need to be filled by dental implants. You should go for before you are teeth start shifting because of having a small mouth that causes teeth to overlap. Night guards are suitable for people who grind their teeth when they are stressed or sleeping because these habits contribute to shifting of teeth.

Dental implants do not decompose; hence, they are durable. After having dental implants you can smile with the high level of confidence because they look like their natural teeth. The muscles around the cheekbones will move inwards when you lose teeth hence destroying the facial structure; thus, you need dental implants to correct the condition so that you have your beautiful facial structure back. You will be able to eat and talk naturally after dental implant so that you live the life you are used to before you lost the teeth. You have to take proper care of the dental implants because their ability to last longer depends on how you take care of them. Your dental implants will last depending on the bone grafts that you undergo. You should know the signs that your body is rejecting the dental implants.